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Please pray for our Missionaries

Barnabas Aid
Michael & Debbie Bannon
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John & Zorifah Cornish

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Fred & Joan Hartman
Philippe & Analee Israel
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Tim & Melanie Shultz

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Francois Turcotte
Matt & Elizabeth VanWart
Rick & Diana Wilson

Missions Spotlight
Barnabas Aid
February 20, 2022

This past Sunday we were blessed to have Jeremy Frith, CEO of Barnabas Aid, along with his wife Stacy and their daughter Emily.   Clayton Baptist Church began supporting Barnabas Aid back in September and we are grateful they came to share how we have partnered in their ministry.  If you haven't watched this week's service,  please be sure to do so.    To learn more about Barnabas Aid please see their website at barnabasfund.org/us/

Matt  & Elizabeth Van Wart
Uganda, Africa
June 2021

Gratefully blessed...
The Van Wart family has been healthy and very busy traveling to several areas to Kisoro, Mbarara and Gulu(11 hours away) to minister and help lots of teammates and many church leaders.  Matt traveled to teach Swahilli-speaking students at the Western Uganda Theological Bible School for a week. The kids attended and finished A.C.E. school and loved it.  Elizabeth enjoys teaching a Sunday School class and baking the sweets for tea-time at church. Alex will be 11 on August 6th and happy school is done. The twin girls (Annie & Mattie) turned 14 on May 3 and enjoyed the cards and gifts sent from our Mission Board that arrived on their birthday.

Please pray for them as plans have changed...On June 6th the President of Uganda read the latest COVID stats and updates and informed the nation that there will be a 42 day lockdown.  Which means...no church, no school, no public or personal travel, clothing and cattle markets are closed and lots of other restrictions.  The family was looking forward to hosting their team for July 4th but all has changed...needless to say they are very disappointed and trying to be content and open to what God has planned for them during the next 42 days.  Philippians 4:11

Tim and Melanie Shultz
The GO Network
May 2021

A Message from The Shutz:
This month, I was going to inform you about our new effort to share the gospel online in Gujarat India. However, in light of recent developments, I decided to do that next month. Instead, I want to announce the birth of our grandson, the world's most perfect little human. He is Ethan Christopher Cruz and is the son of our daughter Kathleen and her husband Chris Cruz. Melanie and I see the birth of Ethan as a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness to us and our family. Many of you have been a huge part of our journey and we thank God for you.

We also want to share our joy that Hannah and Joe our son will finally have a wedding reception on May 9th. They were married last April at the famous Corona Backyard Wedding at Hannah's parents house. We are thankful for God's goodness in the lives of Joe and Hannah. 

Rick and Diana Wilson
May 2021

Watch the latest video update from Missionaries Rick and Diana Wilson

Philippe and Analee Israel 
Life In Messiah, France
March 2021

Philippe and Analee Israel have been serving the Lord with Life in Messiah in France for over 10 years.  Philippe is a native of France, while Analee grew up in Brazil, the daughter of missionaries.  They met while students at Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn) and married in 2009.  The Israels are the parents of five boys:  Eitan, Noah, Liam, Dany, and Matteo, who was born on December 12, 2020.
Philippe and Analee work to share the gospel with Jewish people in and around Paris.  They disciple new Christians, and help to equip churches to share the good news of Jesus, the Messiah.  They do this in many ways.  Philippe does a lot of street and online evangelism.  He collaborates with a friend from Jews for Jesus to design and publish Gospel tracts to distribute.  They have also published 54 episodes of an online comic book, “La Paracha de Joel”, which is well-received by young people, and points them to Jesus, the Messiah.  These comics can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Every Friday night, with a friend from Chosen People, Philippe broadcasts the Torah passage of the week, seeking to make clear how the scripture relates to Jesus.  These are just a few of the ways the Israels are sharing the Gospel in France.

Philippe and Analee ask us to pray for:
-Their children
-A young Jewish lady who accepted Jesus a year ago.  Analee is discipling her.
- A young man to whom Philippe has been witnessing for several years.
- France, which is in danger from Islamic terror groups.